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Hello my beautiful friend,


I have a gift to work with a soul. I offer my intuitive guidance.

I teach and support you to connect with your Truth, your Essence and the Source. I teach ways to connect to your inner light and what to do with the light when you find it. The ways I teach are practical and easy to apply on a daily basis.

I help you to embody the Truth of who you truly are. Most of us haven’t lived on Earth totally. We have left a part of us behind, a part which is so precious – our Essence. Now it’s time for us to look for that part, to reconnect with it and to make it real – to live it.

I believe we can be a blessing for this planet. I believe we can change the old ways of living on Earth. I believe we can be in oneness for the planetary good. We can be an example to follow for future generations.

My beautiful friend, if you feel that one or more of these descriptions below resonate with you, you and I can work together:

  • If you feel you cannot live anymore the way you’ve lived but you don’t know what is the new way;
  • If you feel you are meant to do more than you are doing, express more, be more visible, be more active but find yourself in old routes;
  • If you are sick and tired from feeling pain and sorrow;
  • If you get easily disconnected from this world;
  • If you don’t know who you really are anymore;
  • If you feel you have lost your inner star to follow – your trust, your intuition, your clarity;
  • If you feel you have lost interest in everything and you don’t feel your soul anymore;
  • If you have great ideas and lots of love for people, animals, our Planet, and find it overwhelming to see so much pain and injustice; inside and around and you just don’t know how to live like this or what to do with it;
  • If you are feeling under pressure from your own knowing and wisdom to be out in the world but cannot find the way out;
  • If you want a transformation, not just information…

I know how you feel, I feel your pain, I’ve been there. I went through exactly the same things – ALL of them – until I found my Truth. Now I can assure you and teach you that there is another possibility, there is another way.

Contact me and we can go through this together. I will stand by your side the way I needed someone to stand by mine when I was where you are now.

After working with me you will:

• Be loving, accepting, kind and gentle with yourself;

• Reclaim your creativity;

• Connect with your soul;

• Connect with your Truth;

• Connect with the Source;

• Know clearly your unique ways that light you up;

• Know what to do with the light once you find it.

You are not alone, there are many like us. Let’s connect!


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