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Essence Portraits are a process of connecting to and revealing your true self – your Essence.

You and I connect live, or you send me a recent photo of your face. Photo quality is not essential, but I need to see your eyes.

I will connect with your Essence, by seeing, feeling and hearing it. Then, I paint it intuitively. Usually, the painting is a constellation of the symbols and colours that your soul wants to communicate with you.

During the painting process, I write down all the messages your soul wants to express. I will meditate with your painting for a few days. I write down all of the information that comes to me and make an audio recording for you.

I will mail you your Essence Portrait. You will also receive a photocopy of your Essence painting, an audio recording of your personal reading and a PDF transcript of your reading.

The picture and the recording is a personal meditation for you. It is more transforming than informational and it takes time to unfold, so you will be guided to use it multiple times.

A few days after your receive your Essence Portrait and your personal meditation, I recommend that we have a follow up meeting via Skype. During this meeting, we will talk about any challenges you may be facing and also discuss how to integrate your Essence into your daily life.

Our follow up meetings help your personality and your Essence to meet and to connect so that you gain clarity and a different perspective on things.

Having your essential Truth being mirrored back to you is powerful, healing and liberating.

We are being born to and live in the world where our unique essential true self is not seen nor acknowledged, very often just ignored. We identify ourselves with an incorrect reflection of ourselves that we see around.

It is painful and misleading as we start making our choices based on a false persona.

Very often I see that a part of a soul hasn’t been embodied. My reading creates a trusting safe space, an opening for that part – the Essence – to reconsider to come to this world and to start living fully.

The recording that I make guides to embody the Essence more and more, its an unfolding.

Just by following my voice it usually happens… when listening more times.

Click here to read my blog post to find out why I mail the Essence Portraits.

Your investment: 221£ for your Essence Portrait – a painting and a reading (audio recording and pdf). Worldwide mail included.

80£ for a 60 minute follow up session on Skype.


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“I have studied and taught Metaphysics and Spirituality for over 50 years. Having trained many mediums, healers and psychics, I am well versed in the various areas of consciousness with which they themselves may be connecting with while channeling.

Aura connects with a very “High” level of Truth. She does so with a purity and integrity that is truly beautiful to perceive. The messages delivered by Aura are profound and deeply accurate.

The Essence Portraits are beautiful renderings of the colors, textures, symbols and movement of the Soul, yet, even more than this.

The tone and vibration delivered so beautifully through Aura’s voice will resonate deeply within your Soul.

As she delivers the message coming through her, frayed, tired and worn areas of your auric bodies begin to strengthen, smooth out and clarify.

Aura’s work is a great gift! Thank you Dear Aura for offering this gift. Many will be blessed.”

Evie Sawaquat

Native American Intuitive Spiritual Healer and Educator

“A huge huge gratitude to Aura for her acceptance, her wave of light, clarity and love. Thank you for guiding and feeling me.

After listening to the recorded meditation I feel recovered, rested, calmer and lighter.

After the session with Aura my daily issues get solved in a much simplier way.

Thank you for the increasing an undescribable sense of love and bliss, which doesn’t depend on any circumstances, people or things…

Its so good to lean on myself :)…



Physical Therapist

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