Hello my beautiful friends.

Essence Clarity Training is a personalised program created for you to experience a deeper truth of yourself and to get clarity about your life.

Together we create a sacred space for your essence to be seen and aknowledged. We will meditate, create and do some special clarity practices for you to reconnect with your Truth, with who you truly are. We will have healing and Q&A circles and more.

A very special and unique feature of this training is the practice being in the Essence in various natural daily environments, in various daily situations like a marketplace, in the shopping mall, on the street among people etc. It is one thing to stay aware and meditative in a special environement like a group room or a deserted mountain. And it is different to stay mindful, aware and connected to your Truth when you are among other people in a busy environment.

This training is created to teach you to live your Essence.

What you will gain:

  • You will start seeing, hearing and feeling things more clearly than ever.
  • You will learn to embrace both – your essence and your personality.
  • Your will learn my favorite techniques to connect with your true self and to stay there.
  • Your will learn my favorite techniques for grounding and clearing your energy.
  • You will practice living from your centre in the world in real life situations.
  • You will learn to connect with nature in a very deep and nourishing way.
  • You will experience Q&A and healing circles.
  • You will receive a personal guidance from Aura.

Essence Clarity Training is for you if:

  • You want to sense, feel and know your true self, your essence.
  • You work with people;
  • You want to work with people;
  • You are getting tired being around people;
  • You want to get clear about any issues you are having;
  • You feel you have a life mission but not sure what it is;

Book a free 30 minute Skype call with me to see if this training is right for you!

7 + 7 =

“Working with Aura is very interesting and very beneficial. A lot of information for awareness and where all the rubbish comes from. It’s so good to get clear and start feeling yourself.”
Isabelle, Artist

“I came to work with Aura because I wanted to get clear about myself as a human being in this life. I saw how much goodness and joy there is, which I even didn’t want to accept as if I was punishing myself. Now I accept myself the way I am. Thank you Aura for your being.”
Danute, Programmer

“I got an understanding that what I do is right. I got answers to many questions I’ve had for a long time. It was an incredible experience! I received few times more than I expected. Unbelievable with what speed it all unfolded! As if from a bicycle I went on a rocket. Thank you!!!”
Vaiva, Project Manager

“The experience is priceless. it was the first workshop in my life. I got so many answers and understanding. I know it’s just the beginning of the path, but the first step is made. I am proud of myself 🙂 And more… I got into silence and peace, which is very important to me because I live in a big noise inside and out.”
Rasa, Manager

“Now I am stronger, more courageous. I feel my self esteem and trust, I feel my energy and I am here and now. For me it is a lot, because I have never felt this way before. Thank you Aura.”
Vaida, Manager and Artist

“The journey into my essence. I found so much inner strength and power that it is even hard to realise. So many concentrated experiences during such a short time! THANK YOU! Very strong meditations. I’m hugely impressed by the circles – when you sit in a circle and you feel another person’s pain and then in your eyes that person changes. It is also very strong when in that circle you are lifted up by other people… Amazing experiences.”
Ruta, Physician

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