Why I Mail the Essence Portraits

Hello beautiful friend. In the beginning of my work I would only email photos of clients’ Essence Portraits rather than sending the actual painting or drawing.

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Real Life Benefits of Being Connected to Your Essence

Hello beautiful friend,

Tapping into your Truth is a powerful and profound experience. It changes the way you see yourself, your life and the world. The change is permanent and grows and expands if you allow it and nurture it. It opens up a whole new perspective on your existence.

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Welcome to My Blog!

Hello my beautiful friends!

Welcome to my blog! I’m so happy and excited to start sharing my purpose and my passion with you this way! I’ve waited so long before coming online with my work that now I feel I’m bursting with all the love and knowledge that I want to share with you.

After 18 years of seeking, guided by a deep desire to know what is my true self, I have found my way home. My true home is my essence, my true self. It is what I have been longing for my whole life.

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3 Essential Steps to Live Your Best Life

To live best means to live fully. To live your best life means to live your Truth.

Because if you have a strong feel of who you are, your Essence, your true self – you know what you want and why, you know your purpose and your dream. Then the ‘how’ is way less important, you can play and be creative with it.

To follow your dream and to manifest what you want is much easier when you live your Truth!

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