Hello my beautiful friends, I’m Aura and I am an intuitive, healer, teacher and speaker, passionate and commited to living life authentically, according to my essence and teaching others to do so as well. I work with people all over the world who seek to reconnect and live from their true self.

Through my intuitive paintings and guided meditations I help others to tap into their highest truth and get a crystal clear clarity about who they are in their essence and about their lives.

My Story….

I was born in a country of many dreams. Dreams that were not allowed to be dreamed. For the first 10 years of my life my country, Lithuania, was occupied by the Soviet Union and everyone who was more than an average Soviet citizen was condemned, threatened or even killed.

As a very sensitive and open child with spiritual gifts I felt alone and insecure. The most alone I felt when I was saying things as they are. This wasn’t helped by my parents divorcing when I was 6 years old. My mother fell into depression and I was sent to live with my grandparents.

I learned to hide my gifts and slowly forgot about them. I turned my Truth down. I just wanted to feel safe, loved and accepted and that was a contract I had to make – to stay out of my true self. I became normal, average. The only thing I kept was praying. As a child I prayed every day, many times per day, talking to God, thanking, asking for guidance and help.

When I was about 12 years old (by that time Lithuania got its freedom back), my grandmother started reading some spiritual and personal growth books and she would share a lot with me. She also started healing people. She had a very strong and beautiful energy. My first book on the subject was Louise Hay’s ‘How to heal your life’. By that time I’ve had already a lot of pain and sorrow in me and that book was a ray of light. I felt the Truth was in it.  It planted inside of me a seed of desire to help people.

I transitioned from art high school to another school based on science and after graduating I went straight into a medical university. To drop art was based on unconcious reason and it was painful. I numbed it down because I wanted to be a healer. I got trained in many healing arts around the world and started working with people while still studying.

In my early twenties I came across a mystic (not a person, but his work), who ignited my fire to look for Truth, to find my essence. I have come to Osho soon after I realised that I am lost and lonely and have nowhere to go but inside. He showed me the way to go in, to disattach from the known truths of human experience and to go deeper. To seek for the deeper answers. I found my way home through and in meditation. Meditation saved me and I will always be grateful for what I have been given. I found Osho art therapy, got trained and started painting again. The circle was complete.

Just after I thought I found my way, my mother and my grandmother died (both from cancer, 5 days apart). I broke into pieces… After a few years of darkness I decided to go towards the light again. I realised there was nothing else to do but to find the deeper me, the deeper Truth… My pain brought me to Essence work. And my light carried me to my Truth.

Now I know what is my true self, my essence. I also know pain and suffering. I know how it is to be a mother, a wife, a friend, a healer. Accepting and living both of me – my light and my darkness – has brought me to a very different place that hasn’t been there before. I live the life of truth and love and this is what I teach.

Some random facts about me:

I speak 3 languages fluently and I’m learning 2 more. I love our planet, animals and plants and connecting to all the loving people around the world.

I used to work as a lecturer and scientist at a medical university. I have a PhD in biomedicine, my dissertation was about the effects of meditation on patients after a heart attack.

I am clairvoyant and clairaudient since childhood but had blocked it until I found meditation in my early twenties. Since then my ability to channel is growing.

I can retrieve an information from anything- pictures; stones; plants; crystals; stars.

I’m in a love affair with my tantric partner for 11 years, we are married and have a child together.

Painting is my passion, my hobby, my meditation.

I do ma-uri bodywork and dance sacred maori dances.

I love whales and dolphins,

I can communicate with them.

I love to laugh and always choose a comedy for a movie night 🙂



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