Why I Mail the Essence Portraits

Hello beautiful friend,

In the beginning of my work I would only email photos of clients’ Essence Portraits rather than sending the actual painting or drawing. I believed the process of painting the Essence was enough or more important than the actual picture.

During the painting clients would experience a shift and messages would come through. I believed a painting was just a tool for me to do my work and also to help a client visually anchor the messages.

Now I know that was only a partial truth. Essence Portraits carry an energy that helps to awaken the individual’s Essence. What happens to our Essences throughout the day is rather opposite?

As we go through our lives we pick up different energies that clutter and cloud our Essences from shining as brightly as they could. Not many people are actually aware of this so they don’t cleanse it off.

Essence Portraits draw forth the Essence. Therefore, it is very helpful to keep your Essence Portrait within your home environment.

I mail Essence Portraits worldwide and I am so happy that not only individuals but their homes and all who live there benefit from it.

Have a blessed day, beautiful!


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