Welcome to My Blog!

Hello my beautiful friends!

Welcome to my blog! I’m so happy and excited to start sharing my purpose and my passion with you this way! I’ve waited so long before coming online with my work that now I feel I’m bursting with all the love and knowledge that I want to share with you.

After 18 years of seeking, guided by a deep desire to know what is my true self, I have found my way home. My true home is my essence, my true self. It is what I have been longing for my whole life. That’s what we all want, desire, dream about even without realising  it. The power that we are is in our essence. Our freedom, purpose, love, compassion, creativity, vitality, joy – all of it – is in our essence.

There is no other way to be fulfilled and at peace but to connect to our truth. It speaks for itself. It drives us back home once we express our desire to get there. We are meant to live an incredible life and recconecting  with our essence is a part of it. It is essential. To start living from our centre is the most important step we can take to fulfil our true potential.

My journey to my essence was full on. It was intense, enriching and maturing. I am greateful and humbled by the experience and I am ready to share what I’ve learned and realised on a way. Today I want to leave you with this insight, that I got after finding my true home:

I have never left that home because I have never left myself. I’ve been always myself, even when trying to be somebody else. It has been still my home. Myself has always been my shelter. Even in the darkest night I was held. In my own way, with my own trouble I was held by Me.

I invite you to take this journey back to your truth with me. I love you and I believe in you.

With love and light,



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