3 Essential Steps to Live Your Best Life

To live best means to live fully. To live your best life means to live your Truth

Because if you have a strong feel of who you are, your Essence, your true self – you know what you want and why, you know your purpose and your dream. Then the ‘how’ is way less important, you can play and be creative with it.

To follow your dream and to manifest what you want is much easier when you live your Truth!

How to live your Truth fully? 

  • Stop living someone else’s. Disidentify from other people’s stuff and your own story. We get caught up in other people’s ideas, thoughts, even energetic attachments. If we are not grounded, do not have clear boundaries or are in our own traumas and wounds, things get even more foggy. The first step is to become aware.
  • Find your core, reconnect with your essence, your truth – who you truly are beyond your story. From that place get clear on what do you like and dislike, what do you feel about certain things truly – before your parents, school, society and religion told you what is good and bad. Last but not least – get clear on what do you want.
  • Follow your light. Find what lights you up. Align it with your purpose. Add up your passions.

Here is a recipe for bliss and fulfilment.


Are you ready to live your best life?








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