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Hello my beautiful friends.

Let me tell you the things that I know for sure about You.

You are here because you want to participate in illuminating the world.

On your journey you must have gone through a lot of pain.

You are light, yet in this world, in this life, you either haven’t known it or haven’t  lived it fully.

But there is another possibility, there is another way of living.

You are both your light and essence as well as your suffering and pain. I encourage you to have the heart that holds them both. Both sides of you are needed and valuable.

The stories you have lived have created you the way you are now. They helped your light to experience more, to see, to understand about human nature, about pain, about loss and despair. The light does not know any suffering, any pain. If not your stories, pain and suffering, your light would not want to help people.

Your Essence is your core, your highest Self, your Truth. The Source created you. You are a part of the Whole, with your unique qualities.

You are also created by the Mother Earth, you are a child of hers. Your path continues the path of those who walked the earth before you. You stand on the land of your ancestors. It is your history, your ancestral inheritance.

You did everything right. You haven’t lost your path. You are exactly where you need to be in order to be who you are. Now you are a home for your light, a mother for her. You are her pillar. Your light loves you the way you are. You are the most important for her, because without you your light wouldn’t be here. You are created for her, so that your light can realise itself here in this world.

There is nothing wrong with you.

You are both – the essence and the person that lives it. Love them both and in the presence where both – light and pain – come together you will connect with your Truth.

Blessed be your soul on your journey.


 "The Essence Portrait from Aura is a gift of soul and inspiration that unfolds a new dimension every time I look at it and every time I listen to the reading that Aura provides to go with it.
In these days it is so hard to know the core, deep kernel of who we are and how to live in harmony with our real, true nature. I find Aura's essence portrait a clear reminder of the essence self and a clear invitation to be true to who I was born to be.
I feel seen, respected, embraced, and guided in the simplest, clearest of ways.
Highly recommended!"
Nishant Matthews

Mentor,Therapist and Author

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